Machu Picchu
Crossing the incredible Amazon River aboard a luxurious cruise. This experience give us a unique opportunity to observe the Amazon wildlife like howler monkeys, macaws and pink dolphins under warm weather. Photograph a three-toed sloth while it hangs from a nearby branch
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The oldest citadel of Peru (more than 500 years from now) and the first Andean civilization place to develop an own and singular social organization. Caral developed at the same time as other great cultures in Mesopotamia, Egypt and China. Its pyramids are the oldest found in the Andes until now

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We provide sales service of air tickets, bus tickets, and train ticket to Machu Picchu; river transport like ferry, cruises, among others.


We have a wide range of lodgings in its different categories (Economic, Tourist, Superior, Deluxe and Super Deluxe) and variety (Hostels, Hotels, Ecological Lodge, Skylodge, etc.)


They are categorized in Cultural, Nature, Adventure, Gastronomic, among others in Peru and the Andean Circuit (Ecuador and Bolivia) guided by highly qualified guides. We also develop tailor-made trips for each of our clients.


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The City of Kings


The Huacachina Oasis


The Capital of Friendship


The Navel of the World


The Capital of Peruvian Amazon


Kingdom of the Clouds


The Capital of Peruvian Folklore


The Big Gate to the Jungle


The Peruvian Switzerland


The White City


The City of Eternal Spring


The City of Palm Trees

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Tourism is an important part of our life and leisure time, allows us to discover and visit new places and destinations. CALYPSO PERÚ has a specialized service to develop an accessible Tourism and committed with people different abilities, for which we have specialized staff, infrastructure, equipment and partnerships with various hotels. CALYPSO PERU guarantees a quality service, security, dedication and a friendly environment for its clients.



Senior tourists are increasingly numerous, and this group of young and open spirit shows great interest in new opportunities that tourism industry provides. Elderly people need access to recreation space; in this way CALYPSO PERU as an innovative agency, with experience in customer service of this important sector, provide a highly specialized service, with staff able to assist them throughout the trip in a helpful and peaceful way. We are committed to quality service, warmth and friendly service; developing tours at a slow pace and adapted to this target. Your health is as important aspect to them and to us that is the reason why we try to include specialized travel-medical insurance in all our programs. CALYPSO PERU provide a unique service guarantee, committed to the high demands of this target.



Discover snowy mountains, cross rivers, visit lagoons and more


Connect you with nature, navigating by the Amazon


Learn, feel and experience a different culture


Delight and learn about Peruvian cuisine



Lima Located in the most exclusive, residential and safe place in the city of Lima, in front of the traditional Roosevelt Park and Miguel Dasso Boulevard, where you will find the best boutiques, restaurants, cafes, etc. Just 5 minutes from the centre of Miraflores


Cusco A historic colonial mansion from the ancient Capital of the Inca Empire. This lodging provide first class services and is located half a block from the wonderful San Pedro square and just 4 blocks from the Main Square


Arequipa Its walls have hosted endless stories and great moments, as it is one of the oldest and most representative hotels in Arequipa. Due to the preservation of its tradition is considered a key piece in the tourism development of this city


Puno Centrally located of 5-story hotel located a few steps from the main Square of Puno and 5 minutes from the port of Titicaca Lake. You will find the ideal location for your stay for business trips and tourism


Clemencia y Carlos
28 de Septiembre al 07 de octubre del 2019

"Estimados, boa tarde Recebi agora o contato de meus crossingiros, que são meus amigos pessoais. Eles me enviaram felicitações y agradecimentos hair atendimento de vocês, ocorreu tudo muito bem e eles ficaram muito felizes. e sobretudo o capricho y cuidado para este atendimento. Com toda certeza meus next passiros ao Peru serão atendidos por vocês, diante do excelente atendimento que vocês nos dispensaram nesta demanda. Agradeço imensamente por tudo  Um abraço e sucesso,"

Leticia Bressan
12 / 09 / 2019

"Mi agradecimiento por todas las atenciones y facilidades que tuvieron conmigo ! Se pasaron, los recomendaré"do Machu Picchu.

Tamara Mora
22 / 10 / 2018

"Mil Gracias, El viaje al Cuzco muy bueno (...) Le estoy muy agradecida, ya en Lima y preparando mi viaje de regreso, la mejor.nota para Ud, Gracias, todo fue lindo. Y volveré. Hay mucho que visitar . La organización total fabulosa. Recordando el lindo viaje, quería agradecerte, me ayudaste enormemente a realizar mi.sueño. MILLONES DE GRACIAS "

Familia Engelmohr
19/ 05 / 2018

Raul y Susana una pareja de esposos Mexicanos visitaron el Perú del 21 de Abril al 26 de Abril del 2017 y fueron atendidos por CALYPSO PERÚ durante su itinerario de "Lima Colonial & Cuzco Imperial", visitando Lima y Cuzco

Susana y Raul
21 / 04 / 2017

"Saludos y buenas tardes! Mil gracias por todas sus atenciones, la pasamos Super bien. Nota para uds..todos Super A +. Los chicos de casa estaban muy contentos, espero que nos hayamos portado correctamente en su país, con nuestros herman @ s del Perú. "

Familia Torres
Puerto Rico
20 / 10 / 2015

"Hola Paola ¿Como estas tú y tu jefe?""Aquí estamos otra vez, esto parece ahora tan lejos de nuestro viaje a Perú pero tan solo ha transcurrido un mes....Aun pensamos que ese viaje fue uno de los más hermosos y aventureros que hayamos tenido ..... realmente apreciamos todos los esfuerzos que hiciste para arreglar nuevamente nuestro viaje a pesar de las dificultades que se fueron presentando en agosto ...... le agradezco nuevamente por el CD y el Pisco, lo hemos probado puro y es muy similar a una bebida italiana llamada "la grappa" ......""Esperando tener prontas noticias, ten un lindo día"

Claudia y Marco
21 / 09 / 2005

"Estimada Ivonne:""Te escribo este email para darte las infinitas GRACIAS por ese maravilloso tour por el circuito sur de Perú que nos programaste, durante esos 15 días tanto Ernesto como yo quedamos encantados con tantos lugares hermosos, bellos paisajes, iglesias, conventos, y ni decir de Arequipa y su monasterio, de Puno y su espectacular Lago Titicaca, de Cusco y el Machu Pichu, en fin , cada momento que pasamos allí quedará en nuestras mentes por siempre, pero sobre todo gente como ustedes que hicieron posible que aprovecharemos al máximo nuestra estadía, mostrando siempre puntualidad y su increíble amabilidad." "CALYPSO PERÚ, Sigan adelante!!"

Cristina Suero y Ernesto Ramírez
República Dominicana
11 / 10 / 2005

Queridos amigos:Seu País é maravilhoso! Muito Bem eu posso te afirmar que gostei demais de Machu Picchu, pelo seu magnetismo, e sua aura mística que envolve todo o lugar. Gostei bastante também do Lago Titicaca e a ilha de Los Uros, não tem nada igual no mundo, pela sua beleza ímpar, me deixou uma boa impressão. Também gostaria de destacar e agradecer a sua constante e especial atenção/preocupação durante mi estada."Lúcia Gomes

Lucia Gomes
10 / 05 /2006

Dear Kryss, Just wanted to say thank you again for your help with our trip. The hotels you organized were excellent as well as the tours and I could take great photos of the condors. The last day of the itinerary, we spent extra time visiting the Old School in Yura and then we went to the fantastic Arequipa Quarry which I highly recommend. I will try to send people to you, but if you need a recommendation, please give people my email address. I also think that you could have done a great job in Lake Titicaca if we would have taken the services with you. Anyway, thank you again. I hope that you get to visit Hong Kong one day and we can look after you. Best wishes,

Bruce Campbell
24 / 08 /2006

Dear Liliana and Pablo, I hope you're both well, here is a commentary of my trip... When arriving to Cuzco, my tour guide, he and the driver took me in a van to my hotel. We drove through Cusco; it was very beautiful and quaint – quite like England! ... My hotel was very nice, I had a cup of coca tea as I checked in. On the city tour we went to Koricancha Church – it was beautiful. Next we went to the Plaza de Armas; it is beautiful with the fountain and cobbled streets. I was then taken round the Cathedral. It was very impressive inside and my tour guide was very knowledgeable about all the paintings and architecture ! ... Aguas Calientes was very beautiful little town with lots and lots of markets to buy local handicrafts. At the station my tour guide, met me and two other people who would push my wheelchair. I was taken to the buses that take you up through the forest to Machu Picchu. It was a very steep and interesting journey. When we got to Machu Picchu, I wondered how we were going to manage with my wheelchair, but the two men just started carrying me up the steps. Machu Picchu is very beautiful and it didn’t seem real, I couldn’t believe I was actually there. I took lots of pictures and my tour guide was very knowledgeable, also the two people did a very good job of carrying me and my wheelchair up and down the steps... I enjoyed the journey a lot. Thanks a lot for your attention !

Jade Marshall
04 / 05 / 2006
Familia Villarruel
26 de Julio al 11 de Agosto

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