Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

“If I’m going to choose something I like at Christmas it would be the preparations. If you make them in time and don’t have high ambitions, you can enjoy how much there is to do. I always start by making an English fruitcake for my mom and dad. I use the usual Christmas ingredients; after baking I wrap it in aluminum foil, and let it rest so it’s juicy (…not dry). I always wonder why this step is so important. Not long ago I found the answer. In my home, Christmas was always the best season of the year for the children, and everything mom and dad did was for my brother and me. Their love for us was always present; mom was concerned about one thing that was for us, the fruitcake. Now I understand that in no way had it been prepared as a symbol of (having lost a …/remembering a loved one as we thought).”

“We understand that their love has grown. That’s why I think that the fruitcake is my starting point for the Christmas holidays, as a sign of my gratitude. But now it’s not just the fruitcake the only way to show my love. That’s why I send Christmas cards. But now it’s not just the Christmas cards. It’s a nice tradition, and it makes everyone happy!”

“If you want to show that you care about the person you love, and choose our cards, we, mouth and foot painting artists, would be very happy. As you know, we’ve had to learn to master the brush with our mouths and feet because we can’t use our hands. In this way, we have painted all the cards we deliver in this collection, as you will know without any obligation to buy them or to return them with your wishes, and to give out greetings. Merry Christmas”.

About us

MFK= Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. 100% owners of the union, members from all over the world. From the beginning they were supported by the sale of cards and calendars, which are reproduced (from their originals). Out of each/100 kr, 13 kr goes to the MKF administration. The foundation was created in 1957 by a German affected by polio; today the association has more than 800 artists worldwide. Due to disabilities such as spasms, paralysis or other problems that prevent movement of the body except the head, we have had to learn to place and use a brush or pen in the mouth or place it between the toes. This is not easy, but it is possible to have willpower.

We get this Strength from wanting to develop our talent and to belong to a functional society; every month we receive a salary or scholarship from the association. The amount of money received depends on the performance level of the artist and not on where he or she lives.

Lena Maria  V.

P.S. This letter was foot written  

Lena Maria Vendelious is a well-known singer who paints with her mouth and feet. She was born without arms and with one leg shorter than the other; Lena has a great command of mouth and foot writing.

Source: MKF Forlag

Traduction: CALYPSO PERÚ